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musical artist, game developer, computer scientist, data scientist, malware architect, audio engineer, graphic artist, marketing strategist, occultist
Traian, a groundbreaking artist and producer hailing from Romania, fearlessly ventures into uncharted musical territories. Renowned for reshaping the sonic landscape, he's left an indelible mark, pioneering genres like hyperpop, trap, meme rap, scenecore, and a spectrum of electronic styles including dubstep, psytrance, hardstyle, ambient supertrap, and digicore. Adding to his already diverse musical repertoire, Traian takes surprising detours into the realms of metal, emoplugg, manele, and deep house. This eclectic exploration speaks volumes about his versatility and willingness to embrace various genres, adding intriguing layers to his multifaceted artistic identity. With a decade-long career, Traian masterfully fuses glitchy beats, heartfelt lyrics, and ethereal vocals into a captivating sonic tapestry. His lyrical prowess delves into emotions, spanning tender love songs to raw narratives, showcasing a diverse creative palette across human sentiments. His ability to deeply resonate with listeners across genres underscores his exceptional talent. Beyond music, Traian excels across artistic and intellectual domains, from painting to advanced computer science, philosophical exploration, and occultism. His unyielding dedication to pushing boundaries reflects remarkable versatility, establishing him as an exceptional boundary-defying artist and thinker. collaboration & business: &


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